The school designs to provide an education for the harmonious development of the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social and Cultural facilities of the child. It includes the concordant development of the mind, the training of the hand and the building of a noble character making the children better citizen of the life and preparing them for life eternal.
As a school we aspire to maintain & strengthen the schools achievement where students are actively involved in meaningful work and supporting them in developing their natural curiosity and interest. We look forward to partnering with families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging and nurturing school that is full of life, energy and productivity.
The school strives to provide our children with an environment where they can be comfortable and imbibe academic learning along with the Character values of being good human being. Character values are an important part of the curriculum, and are targeted through many different avenues throughout the school days.
Committed, well trained and educated staff, teachers and administration make this school a great place to be. The school prides itself on the caring and family like environment. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to become involved with their students educational journey by participating in school events and activities.
The school is in fact gearing to face the challenges the 21st century will be posing for the world, Each child is in invaluable touchstones helping to trim our sails and sail our ship in the new and uncharted waters of the new century. We take a genuine effort to understand the young mind in our care. What are the issues confronting them. What are their concerns, hopes, fears and dreams. We consciously take all the steps to make the children aware of the problems like world peace, terrorism, global warming, gender issues so on, which are threats to this world fragile world.