Principals Desk

Education has virtually become a business commodity and a skillful business entrepreneur and all are to make the most out of it. All claim to be imparting value education. However the question as to who really are the torch bearers of the quality education has hither to remain without a satisfying answer.

As teachers we are constantly trekking through a new valley, a new world, where education seems to be growing to be very ambitions, competitive & requires a lot of forward thinking about it.

This is the new world of education where there are new beliefs, new ways of thinking & working, new people and new ideas and this makes very challenging for a principal too to understand the newer definition in education.

However I believe that anyone who has the courage to have vision and the daring to follow that vision can fulfill any mission.

Through holistic education and shared experience we can enable our students to become socially and environmentally concerned global citizens for a borderless world.

T M Purushothaman